Imam Bargah Hazrat Abul Fazlil Abbas
Landhi # 3, Near Babar Market,
Karachi-75160, Sindh, Pakistan.
P.O. Box # 3282, Karachi  - 75160.
9221 - 5019974 / 5019975
The Madaris-e-Imamia welfare trust established since 1986, and are rising aggressively as yet, which as a matter of fact glowing the pupils with the celestial teaching of "Holy Quran" and "Ahlai Bait", even on public forum with the specific track of "shait" in practical on broad canvas just projecting them as true followers, consequently are being trained there in various academic institution launch in different areas. Countless pupils of both sex are fortunate enough, getting establish with Islamic teaching with a pick and drop facilities air marked for off the areas.
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Madaris-e-Imamia has started its works on Jail Madaris.

Madaris-e-Imamia come into existence in 1986 and by the grace of Allah today too is running in the way of divine 23 centers of this organization are flourishing hundreds of Ehle tashi students by religious and mundane (workedly) education in various areas of Karachi. except it following departments of this organization are also performing various duties:*

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