The libraries are so to say next to asset in mere with which the flux of teaching and reform seems on shielding the matchless teaching. Thus the Madaris-e-Imamia welfare trust has launched a library termed as "Raza Library" in 1997 at Madarsa-e-Hussani Babar Market Landhi. Which fortunately also conceive the ceremony matured by Hujat-ul-Islam Ayatollah Abul Fazal Bahaawdini Madazillah Ale". This library bears countless books on various topics beside the majalis, nohay, moshaera, lectures and Islamic films and video cassette together majalis, nohay, lectures, reflecting the Islamic anthems and prayers in audio cassette and CD's .
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Imam Bargah Hazrat Abul Fazlil Abbas
Landhi # 3, Near Babar Market,
Karachi-75160, Sindh, Pakistan.
P.O. Box # 3282, Karachi  - 75160.
9221 - 5019974 / 5019975
Saying of Allah in Holy Quran:
" He it is Who raised among the illiterates an Apostle from among themselves, Who recites to them His communications and purifies them, and teaches them the book and the wisdom, although they were before certainly in clear error ."

62 Sora Jummah, Ayat No. 2